General Information

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members work very hard to build their Community where they see the need while building foundations of sisterhood and love.  The Sorority’s success is due to this high level of commitment and dedication.

The Sorority seeks women who will promote, uphold, and extend its policies and programs. These individuals can grow in leadership and learn to “Launch New Dimensions of Service”.

Membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is generally classified as undergraduate or graduate. In both classifications:

  • Prospective members must have high ethical and moral standards;
  • Membership can only be obtained by completing the Sorority’s official Membership Intake Process (MIP);
  • Interested candidates should not participate in demeaning, degrading or unkind acts. Should members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority ask you to perform tasks or participate in activities other than those outlined in our MIP, they are in violation of the Sorority’s policies and practices and do not represent the values of the organization. This behavior will not be tolerated.

Membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will not be extended to:

  • An individual who knowingly participates in activities outside of the official Membership Intake Process or participate in demeaning, degrading or demoralizing activities;
  • An individual who knowingly submits falsified documents or credentials.

Additional information can be found by visiting our International website.